Araujo Cosmetics is an eco-friendly, conscious skincare beauty brand focused on the mind body and spirit. 

We serve our community as a guide to self love through self care, mindfulness practices, and art exploration for mental & physical relaxation, joy & confidence.

Owner/ Formulator

My name is Stephanie Araujo & I am the owner and formulator of Araujo Cosmetics LLC. 

I help women live a holistic lifestyle by focusing on the mind, body and spirit, so they may live a more fuller richer life. 

I created this skincare company to insight women with knowledge of self to improve their lifestyle by eating a healthier diet, practicing mindfulness, and self care to enhace their overall skin using natural formulations.

We remind women that through the practice of self care, we can come back to our true feminine essence. We encourage women to tap in their Goddess energy and highest self to maximize through fullest potential and life.