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Customer Feedback

This facial oil has honestly been my go to product for whenever my face needs a pick me up. It is super versatile, I can use it as a base or spot treatment for moisture or to help relax any flare ups. My skin is very sensitive and I break out easily when I am stressed or lack sleep, this facial oil has been the only product I’ve used consistently that has genuinely improved my skin! Thanks so much Steph :)

-Valued Supporter

Love it!! Smells great. A little goes a long way. I use it nightly and my skin has been feeling very smooth and bright in the mornings. 

-Gabriela R.

Omg, it smells so freaking good!

-Danilsa L.

My face feels amazing, So hydrated! Def ordering the full size babe.

-Liz B.

I am truly loving it!

-Addy A.

I got my facial oil !!! It's so nice, love the smell and feel. Thank you!

-Alberto V.

Muy bueno son yo los recomiendo. (Translation: Very good! I highly recommend it!)


"I was first immediately turned on by the obvious thought and care put into the packaging. It's true what they say...big things sure do come in small packages. lol Upon opening my Gua Sha, I could tell it's good quality Jade off the weight and the instructions were so clearly printed on the box. It was great, super eco-friendly, which is a huge win for me. 

Then when I opened the oil, OMG THE SMELL IS BOMB! Like major knockout/head turner. So if you're like me and like your scent to linger in the air to let 'em know you there, then this oil is A MUST HAVE.

Using my Gua Sha to massage the oil in made my face look super contoured in minutes, which honestly made me feel confident enough to rock my fresh face all day for once. I felt my face muscles relax and the tension in my head ease.

Together this duo left my face feeling smoother than I've ever felt! Hours later my face is stilling feeling plump and super cool and soothed. Idk how to explain it, but after my first use, I seriously feel my skin doing something good. So @araujocosmetics my skin thanks you tremendously!

-Gel S. 

So I been using the oil pretty religiously for a little over a month now and I wanna give you some pictures.

-Sonny R.

Hey girl, crazy start to 2021 but just wanted to let you know I love the oil and the stone. My skin is so smooth! This really helped me out during the heatwave in California.

-Valued Supporter

I scar easily and they are usually dark. They go away and heal but any mark I get is normally dark while its healing and since using it... my skin looks great.. And I've had my period and super stressful 2 weeks.

-Valerie V.

I F***ING LOVED IT! AND IT SMELLED SO GOOD. So I definitely wanna order more!

-Trenton K.

Oooooooh I forgot to tell you. I definitely got it and I definitely love it & it smells MAAAAAAAD good!

-Valued Supporter